Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Iodised Salt

New Zealand soil is low in iodine, therefore foods grown in our soil are also low in iodine. Iodine is necessary to a healthy diet in order to support thyroid function - thyroid problems can lead to illnesses such as goiter.

In New Zealand, iodine consumption has been increased through the use of iodised salt. New Zealand bakers used to use iodised salt in the commercially produced bread, which we all used to eat in much greater quantities than we do now, once again requiring us to look to other ways to include iodine in our diets.

I use Marlborough salt at home. It is as good, if not better, than the imported Maldon salt that is so celebrated by chefs around the world. It certainly has not traveled as far and is also organic. It has a wonderful light flakes and is produced from the clean waters at the top of the east coast of the South Island. I was very happy to find that there is now an iodised version, which tastes great, not at all metallic like the fairly unpleasant traditional iodised salt.

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Dharma Grace said...

Iodine is indeed incredibly important to the diet. Thanks for the reminder! Even here in the US where we use iodized salt for the most part, people frequently have thyroid problems because of not having enough thyroid in their diets. One supplement I've used is a natural kelp tablet - kelp is high in the right minerals that not only include iodine, but also other micronutrients that help you properly metabolize the iodine.

Love your blog and your many tasty recipes!

Dharma G

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