Monday, 28 May 2007

Frugal Food

Delia, you have to love her. I think this is one of her best. Published in 1976, my copy is frugal by name and by nature, bearing the inscription, from my mother :

Frugal Cooking recycled for Em,
from Ma.
March 2003
The byline reads "Tempting recipes for careful cooks". The book is a small paperback with chapters such as :
  • The Cheap Charter
  • Chickens Lib
  • Forequarter Front
  • Offal - But I like you
  • Go with the Grain
  • Quickening Pulses
Along with the many, good and still applicable recipes, there is an education to be found within the pages. It is interesting to realise that rabbit used to be such a cheap meat ; the portions I find here in Wellington, are priced as a premium meat rather than a cheap as chips option.

This is the kind of book that, should you find it languishing on the shelf of a second hand bookshop, you should snap up before someone else does.

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