Saturday, 19 May 2007

Cake for Pudding

Ah, baking day. A Saturday might be a day which gives you the time to do some baking.

A Saturday might also be the day on which you have some friends coming for dinner.

So why not make a cake for pudding?!

Making the pudding ahead of time is a good way to reduce the last minute stresses of having some friends round for dinner.

Some cakes are better completed ahead of time, and some are best served as soon as they are finished. The latter are obviously not quite as appropriate for doing ahead, and include cakes such as a Victoria sponge deliciously filled with cream. It is also perhaps better not to serve a richly iced and decorated cake after a meal ; why not save those masterpieces as the focus in their own right.

Some ideas of cakes to serve for pudding :

Amazon Cake
Plum Cake
Marzipan Cake
Lemon Cake

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