Friday, 18 May 2007

Founders Fair Maiden Ale

Founders is a brewery we had a great time visiting when we recently went to Nelson.

They occupy a site in the historic Founders Park in Nelson, complete with a cafe serving great food and a brilliant outdoor area.

A good way to spend sometime in Nelson is to visit the Founders, take a tour of the brewery, sample the range then relax with your favourite brew and a spot of lunch.

There is quite a range of beer, all certified by BIO-GRO NZ, making founders the first 100% certified organic brewery in New Zealand ; G.E. free, sugar free, contain no animal products or by products and certified organic. Note : the bottles are made from recycled glass.

The beer is even brewed according to Bavarian purity law (Reinheitsgebot), using only four ingredients: hops, malt, yeast and water.

Is there any reason not to enjoy a Founder's beer?

The Fair Maiden Ale pictured to the right is a new brew. It can be described as full flavoured, malty, exceptionally hoppy, in the style of an American pale ale. If you like your beer with flavour then this is the beer for you.

Fair Maiden Ale can be bought at many outlets around New Zealand, but also online here, very convenient!

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