Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fausto Foods

Isn't it a great idea to have freshly smoked fish delivered to your office by bicycle?!

There are a couple of people in wellington who have a business doing just that - Fausto Foods.

I was lucky enough to try some of their products last Friday afternoon. The cold smoked salmon was great, I don't think I have had such fresh smoked salmon before, having only had it from a shrink wrapped packet probably put in there several weeks previously. The smoked mackerel was delicious, possibly the best tasting and textured smoked mackerel I have ever had.

They have a great system (which I imagine has to be very well organised since they are both public servants too) of an email sent on Thursday detailing the fish that is available for delivery the next day. Of course, it all depends on what is caught that week.

All the information you need to try them yourself can be found at their website - http://www.faustofoods.co.nz/.

Don't forget it is a long weekend this weekend and don't you need some good nibbles on hand to have with that glass of wine when your friends pop in?!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Organic Fuel

From xkcd.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Worm Farm

I have been on holiday for a month (lucky me!) and now I am back I have finally got a worm farm.

I couldn't be happier to get worms!

I have been struggling to make myself take the vegetable scraps to the compost bin which is up the garden steps behind the garage ; a bit of a hike, especially in winter. My solution has been to purchase a small worm farm that can live out the kitchen door next to the rubbish bin. Isn't that great!?

I purchased my Can-o-Worms and the worms crucial to the process from Pottsbury farm - so easy : a quick email, an easy transfer of money by internet banking and before I knew it I was a proud owner of a fully functional, convenient and rather attractive composting solution!

Go on, you know you want worms too . . . !

Friday, 24 August 2007

Is that "Spring" I smell approaching?

With only days until the official start of Spring... it's time, if you haven't already, to start thinking about what delicious vegetables you'll be growing for Summer.
Whether you only have a small pad or several acres, there is always room for a few herbs, tomatoes and/or lettuces, even if they're just in pots on the deck.
A great place to start your planning is with Kings Seeds, you can order online or get them to send you a catalogue!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Country of Origin Food Labelling

Green MP Sue Kedgley is calling for mandatory country of origin labelling on all meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables and other single component, single product foods.
Do you care where your food originates? Do you read the labels looking for "Kiwi Made" or does brand and price rule what you put in your trolley?
Were you aware as a nation we are importing 1.5 million tonnes of food a year, including 149,462 tonnes of fruit, 32,207 tonnes of meat, and 39,996 tonnes of vegetables?
For more on this subject visit...

Chemical BPA in Baby Bottles

If you needed another reason on why breastfeeding is preferable...

Monday, 13 August 2007

Cuisine's Top 33

Cuisine Magazine has just published their 33 Best NZ Restaurants of the year.
How many have you dined at?
What/where would be your picks?