Friday, 25 May 2007


How often do you find yourself tossing away food packaging, plastic wrap, plastic bags, containers? Even if you pack your own lunchbox, are you using plastic wraps and plastic ziplock bags, containers and other packaging, generally finding yourself creating more and more plastic waste than you might like to . . .?

A Tiffin pot is a great investment and replacement for a plastic lunchbox.
Most Tiffin pots are stainless steel and therefore highly resilient, they're very easy to wash or pop through the dishwasher over and over again. The stainless steel also won't leach toxins into you food like so many plastics can, a tiffin is not only better for our environment, it's also better for you!
Tiffin pots are comprised of several, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 units which stack together on top of each other with a carry handle, they come in loads of different sizes.

Originally from India, catering services or wives would place hot naan in one compartment, rice in another, dahl in the next, another curry in the last to send off to working men for lunch. Tiffins therefore are great for both hot and cold foods, the separate units allow you to keep your side dish from running into your main course. The units seal tightly so are ideal for keeping sandwiches or salads fresh without the need for plastic wrap. You can also pop one compartment into the fridge overnight to set jellies or custard for carry away dessert.

You can carry a tiffin almost everywhere with you or even just use it for storage in your own kitchen, for storing spices in the pantry to leftovers in the fridge. Wherever you perhaps previously would have used disposible plastic packaging. To the office, to school, while camping or picnicking and why not even take it to your favorite Indian or Chinese takeaway and ask them to fill it with fried rice rather than the normal plastic disposable container?

Look out for Tiffin pots in Asian stores throughout the country.

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