Monday, 14 May 2007

Edmonds Cookery Book

The Edmonds Cookery Book. A New Zealand institution. I would hazard a guess that almost all New Zealand homes have a copy somewhere near the kitchen.
The Edmonds of the title was Thomas J. Edmonds a baking powder entrepreneur from Canterbury, who shaped not only our way of cooking, but also our way of working. The Edmonds factory was the first to introduce a 40 hour, five day week during the Depression.
If you want a recipe for pavlova, ANZAC or Afghan biscuits, meat loaf, quiche or cauliflower cheese, then the Edmonds Cookery Book is the place to go.
A lot of people were given their copy when they first left home, to try their hand at flatting, or when they got married. In fact, when the book was first published in 1907, couples would receive a free copy when they announced their engagement.
The first edition was a 50 page book of 'economical everyday recipes and cooking hints'. My edition has 252 pages of 'economical everyday recipes and cooking hints'! My mum gave it to me, of course!

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