Friday, 18 May 2007

Pitango Organic Soups

Here's a product I've recently become quite attached to made by a New Zealand based company Pitango. Producing a nice range of Organic soups and Hummus that really do taste homemade. The soups are made locally in New Zealand with fresh New Zealand organic vegetables. They are cooked in small batches to be sure no taste or quality is lost. They also contain lower salt/sodium levels than most other "convenient" soup products on the market.

Pitango's soups come in a wide range of hearty flavours including but not limited to:
Pumpkin & ginger soup,
Tomato & thyme soup,
Carrot, chilli & coriander soup (my personal favourite so far!)
Indian vegetable soup,
Leek & kumara soup,
Cajun seafood gumbo,
Moroccan chicken soup,
Spring lamb soup.

The soups are ideal to keep in the fridge for a quick warming meal, or to pick up for a last minute meal when you're in a hurry. Far better tasting and for you than resorting to takeaways or a frozen pizza!
The soups come in 600gram chilled pouches which is more than enough for two adults, in fact I comfortably stretch one 600gram pouch with a little added water between 2 adults and 2 children, along with a few slices of toast.

Pitango's products are available in the refrigerated section of most good food retailers throughout New Zealand.

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