Monday, 21 May 2007

How to Eat

When I moved into my first flat as a student in Dunedin mum gave me a cookbook. That book was How to Eat by Nigella Lawson. I have to admit that for whole time as a fee paying flatting student I did not even open it. But as soon as I started working and living in flats where we actually had dinner as apposed to "It is your turn to cook" I could not put it down.

Unequivocally, now, it is the favourite, most treasured and used cook book on my shelf.

There are sections covering basics, cooking in advance, one & two, fast food, weekend lunch, dinner, low fat, feeding babies and young children. Maybe it was the last that scared me as an eighteen year old - Mum?

I have given this book for presents : wedding, engagement and birthday, but only once the food becomes more important than the drink for entertaining. I think you need it.

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