Saturday, 30 June 2007

A Trifle Mad!

There are as many trifle recipes as there are bowls to serve it in!
Trifle was always traditionally served for Christmas pudding by my Father's mother, my Grandmother. Her method was very simple, or Simply the Best!, as it contained no canned fruit or jelly and hence was my absolute favourite. Ma used homemade sponge, homemade from homegrown raspberry jam, custard, whipped cream and finished with chocolate chips, not forgetting the all important sweet Sherry, although often she would use a gorgeous Port which gave the sponge layers a beautiful colour.
Below I've rounded up a few more ways with Trifle from some of my favourite blogs to remind you of our Great Mid-Winter Christmas Feast, remember to send your entries to us by the 15th of July.

Lavender cake and Grand Marnier Trifle

Nigel Slater's Delightful Blackberry Trifle

English Trifle

A trifle...
Drunken Berry Trifle

Persimmon Cranberry Trifle

Image courtesy of Christine from My Plate or Yours?

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