Friday, 22 June 2007


Biman golden lager from the Invercargill Brewery has been brewed especially to accompany curry. Isn't it good to find a beer that has been specifically crafted to be drunk with food?

The Invercargill Brewery is New Zealand's southernmost brewery, does this also mean it is the world's most southern brewery too? Nice to think so! Like several New Zealand boutique brewers, the Invercargill Brewery grew from a hobby and a passion.

The Biman lager is but one of a range of beers and cider produced by this southern brewery. The name Biman comes from an Indian word meaning “strong hearted”, a good name for a beer suited to curry, especially one that is a little higher in alcohol than most beers at 5.2%.

The taste is fairly bitter from the hops, and with a lovely aroma that complements the richness also present in this lager. We enjoyed this beer with a lamb saag - a pretty good match.

Biman golden lager can be bought throughout New Zealand.

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