Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Salt Alternatives

Crunchy, white salt is not the only way to season your foods with salty goodness. There are many other vehicles for saltiness that often bring other good things along for the ride :

  • Fish Sauce - this is a magic ingredient. Don't just relegate fish sauce to the Thai Curries, a dash can add just the right amount of fullness to many a dish like a stew, chilli or soup.
  • Worcester Sauce - a wonderful all round seasoning. If you find your savoury dish is missing a certain something, a splash or two of Worcester sauce can work magic.
  • Anchovies - a fillet mashed into a meaty dish does not turn the dish fishy, but just adds depth, perhaps another dimension of flavour.
  • Soy Sauce - a great vegetarian salt alternative. Adds interest to many a dish. Add to the water in which you cook your rice, or use to season a soup.
Although these alternatives are not perhaps low in sodium, and therefore practical salt alternatives salt for those who are trying to reduce their salt intake, they are useful if you run out of salt!

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