Saturday, 16 June 2007


My Gran used to make bran muffins. They were small, brown, dense and felt good for you. They had a certain charm and every now and then I hanker for one. Gran's muffins were very different than the cupcake wannabes that proliferate caf├ęs the world over.

I would take a muffin like Gran's over the cake like versions, but I think the perfect muffin lies somewhere in between. Today, for Saturday baking on Nihowera we will bring you a plethora of muffin-mania.

The thing with muffins is that they are by nature quick to make, the worst thing you can do to a muffin is to take too long mixing them up. all they need is a bit of a stir, just to combine the wet and the dry ingredients. A great way to kill some time on a wet and cold winter's day.

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