Sunday, 10 June 2007


This week on Nihowera we are highlighting ginger, kicked off in fabulous fashion with a focus on baking with ginger.

When we talk about ginger, we often speak of ginger root, but really we mean the ginger rhizome (underground stem). A rhizome is not so different from a root, but it is nice to know the proper word isn't it?

Ginger is a brilliant thing to have on hand. When I buy fresh ginger, I scrape of the papery brown skin with a teaspoon - it seems to waste a minimum of the flesh - and put it straight in the freezer in a container. When I need some ginger I just grate it straight into the dish from frozen.

Ginger is such a versatile flavour, found in sweet and savory dishes as well as drinks. Check back on Nihowera this week for more fun with ginger!

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