Monday, 18 June 2007

The Cranks Bible

The Cranks Bible by Nadine Abensur is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook. There are no meat substitutes, no suspicion that the recipes would be so much better with a little ham, just a wonderful celebration of vegetables for their own sake.

Ingredients are discussed throughout the book, making it a reference for things such as buckwheat, chickpeas or mushrooms.

The recipes all seem to work and are not too fiddly or time consuming. My favourite, that I keep coming back to, is Moussaka. This version, with aubergines, potatoes, tomato sauce and B├ęchamel , is so much better than any lamb filled version I have tasted.

And why did I choose this book this evening? Because of the colour of the cover, of course. Goes beautifully with pumpkins!


Kim said...

Not having meat substitues is indeed a good sign for a vegetarian cookbook. I agree that it's much more enjoyable to just enjoy the vegetables for there own sake.

I have plans to make a pumpkin soup sometime very soon. Probably with scones!

From Kim at What Kim Ate

Barbara said...

I have pumpkin roasting in the oven tonight.