Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Reducing your packing usage

Do you find yourself getting annoyed with how much packaging you throw away? I did and I decided to do a few things about it. Here are some ideas :

  • I bought a couple of reusable shopping bags and tried to remember to take them with me when I went shopping. This is made much easier if you get a nifty fold up one that will fit in your handbag. My mother used to have a lovely orange and brown one, mine is a little less dated in chic black and white.
  • If you shop somewhere like Commonsense Organics choose to use the recycled bags at the counter that other like minded people have returned to the shop.
  • Take your own containers to refill with things such as dish washing liquid and shampoo.
  • Choose to use permanent stainless steel, glass or ceramic rather than throw away plastic containers to store things at home or to take your lunch to work.
  • Use fabric napkins instead of paper. I now take a fabric napkin to work to use for my lunches during the week.
Look out for some more posts around this theme and of course your tips are always welcome!

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