Sunday, 8 July 2007

A Mid-Winter Christmas Feast

I enjoyed a Mid-Winter Christmas Feast with some good friends yesterday, would you like to see our menu?

Turkey, brined and roasted according to this recipe
Potatoes roasted in goose fat
Roast pumpkin and kumara
Brussels sprouts with toasted almonds
Cranberry sauce
Bread sauce
Sausages and prunes wrapped in bacon
Sausages wrapped in bacon, baked on bread stuffing

Mince Pies
Cheese, dates and port
Mulled wine
As you might imagine there were many of our favourite Christmas foods included in the menu, from more than two families. It was just great to see and share what other people must have for Christmas - luckily we all pretty much agreed. But as you can see we had to have the two lots of sausages - but damn they are good cold the next day!

Remember to send us your favourite Christmas dishes for our Mid-Winter Christmas Feast - the details are here. I can't wait!

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